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Yep! The best sleep we’ve ever had is on a sustainable, non-toxic, & organic mattress! I know, I know… Erik and I were skeptical too, but I swear it’s the best.

Full disclosure // this blog post is sponsored by Avocado Mattress but we purchased our first avocado mattress ourselves & absolutely loved it. So I’m beyond excited for this partnership as we’ve already invested in, slept on (for FOUR years), and love this company.

Why choose a green mattress?

Rewinding to the first time we discovered Avocado: It was time to replace Erik’s old queen mattress (he had for years before for me) and I had just completed a deep dive into the chemicals in mattresses, how un-eco-friendly the materials used + manufacturing is, and about how much time we spend on mattresses in our lifetime (around 26 years of our lives!)- these three factors were enough for me to search for a better alternative.

Linking a great post by Avocado on 12 reasons to choose an organic mattress here but to sum it up, these are some of the reasons why you should choose an organic green mattress for your next mattress rather than a conventional one:

Your health // Most mattresses contain harmful substances like toxic chemicals, pesticides and dyes — all of which can be absorbed by your body. Avocado pillows and mattresses meet GREENGUARD Gold standards. Meaning their products have proven to meet the most rigorous emission standards for chemical exposure and pollutants, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, and phthalates”.  Interesting to note that few mattresses and pillows qualify for this gold standard.

The planet // Avocado is the world’s only Climate Neutral Certified mattress brand. This means they have achieved a verified “net zero carbon footprint” + their mattresses are easy to recycle (the opposite of most mattresses). They are manufactured with biodegradable materials & materials that can be recycled. Meaning the Avocado mattress’s impact on our waste stream & environment is significantly reduced. 

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All about back support:

Of course, I’d be lying if I said Erik and I weren’t both skeptical that we could find both an eco-friendly & comfortable mattress. I have an old back injury (linked my story here) and Erik’s a retired professional athlete so, together, we have plenty of older injuries that makes our mattress comfort even more important so both of us don’t wake up in pain! I recently discovered that this mattress was awarded the best luxury mattress for athletes! This review takes into account comfort, supportability, & temperature neutrality; these factors help alleviate aches and pains, promote good blood flow, and cool the body to a reasonable temperature to promote better sleep.

The Avocado mattress uses the “best ergonomic support system available today” which enables the mattress to “effortlessly contour to your body’s natural curves to deliver pressure-point relief, ensure proper spinal alignment, and deliver improved weight distribution.” Also note, the mattress leans more towards firm so I’d suggest getting the pillow top if you’d like it a little less firm but still just as supportive. To gauge the firmness: I’ve seen this mattress with the pillow top rate around 5.5-7 on a firmness scale by mattress reviews – I think it’s pretty firm.

Erik normally sleeps hot but this mattress has helped him so much. We both sleep through the night and I rarely catch myself waking up in the middle of the night. We also wake up pain-free which is AMAZING.

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From the comfort level, sustainable manufacturing and 100% organic, non-toxic materials, this is a purchase you can truly feel good about. It’s the best mattress we’ve ever slept on + these king pillows are a dream! they feel like soft body pillows and I’m obsessed. We seriously can’t say enough good things about Avocado Green Mattress (check them out here!). I hope this post was informative and helpful- here to answer any questions in the comments below! xx

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