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I’m a planner and I was kinda upset with him because on the Friday afternoon of our 5 year anniversary weekend, he “booked” a hotel in St. Pete. I kept saying “let’s save our hotel points for a trip that we plan out!” He kept insisting that we should be spontaneous and we would enjoy […]

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When it came to designing + purchasing my engagement ring we DEFINITELY didn’t do it the traditional way and I’m happier than EVER with our very unique process. Communication was key. Pinterest boards were great, but with my detailed and extremely picky self, that alone wouldn’t do the job. I needed to make every single […]

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Home: wool dryer balls (use these up to 500 times & instead of dryer sheets!) I add 3 drops of lavender essential oil on each ball before drying. All-purpose microfiber cloths (set of 2) (great for cleaning and replaces paper towel cleaning! Can use hundreds of times! On the go: Reusable glass straws Reusable utensils […]

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vibes: upcycled oversized tie dye sweatshirt (been living in this) diffusor mountain high essential oil blend non-toxic, hand poured, essential oil candle nail care: non-toxic rose cuticle oil non-toxic, vegan, UV light free nail polish that dries like gel (in 5 min!) & removes like nail polish beauty: non-toxic, clean beauty, vegan red clay brightening […]

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  With everything happening right now and this also being cold and flu season, I thought it would be helpful to compile of list of the current supplements Erik and I are taking and things we’re doing to help boost our immune systems. Erik’s been pouring us a teaspoon of Black Elderberry Syrup every morning. Elderberry […]

Top Five clean beauty products to            first

My top 5 swaps to help clean up your beauty products.


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