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As if fighting plastic waste wasn’t already hard, we’re now dealing with a global pandemic causing single use plastic to be used even more. I cringe at the thought and I know the fight against plastic waste can seem overwhelming (especially now). I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been near melt downs seeing the amount of plastic grocery bags being used at the grocery stores now but then I remind myself that I can’t change that right now and what I can do is inspire others on my platform and do the work myself. It’s more important than every right now for us to step up and do our part!

I also understand that some things are out of our control, for example, I know most places won’t even allow reusable bags and aren’t currently selling them but here’s an easy list of #plasticfree swaps & actions you can take during Plastic Free July and onward (even during COVID) that we CAN control. We’ve got this!

Use biodegradable poop bags.

If you have a pup, try eco-friendly poop bags! Don’t forget to get the poop-bag holder so you don’t get in a pinch and need to use a regular one! How cute is this one?? It definitely makes picking up poop more aesthetically pleasing lol

Bring your own cutlery.

If you’re getting to-go food, opt for no cutlery and bring your own! I love storing cutlery in both our cars so that when were out and were hangry, we don’t have to opt for the single use cutlery. I love sets like this one that includes the case- it makes it easier to store! I know most places right now won’t accept reusable tumblers for drinks but you can control the cutlery! Every little bit counts!

Bring your own straw.

grabbing something to-go from a coffee/smoothie shop? Opt for no straw and bring your own. I love these bendable, eco-friendly, and perfectly portable, Silicone Straws. They come with a case, hook on to your key ring & you get 10 straws with your order!

Use a real loofah, not a plastic one.

Did you know the plastic loofahs you see everywhere are just imitating the real thing? The plastic one’s will end up in landfills where as this one is zero waste, sustainably sourced, and free of plastic! It naturally exfoliates your skin! If you prefer an exfoliating washcloth shape instead, this one is made from 100% natural agave.

Use reusable dryer balls.

Dryer sheets are a sneaky single use plastic! Switch yours with these reusable dryer balls! I’ve been using these for months now and I’m obsessed. They literally live in our dryer and I only take them out when I want to add a few drops of essential oils to them to give them a scent (totally optional). These last for years and prevent tons of dryer sheets from entering landfills + they save you money!

Bring a reusable water bottle.

Social distancing outside? Bring a reusable water bottle- I’m loving this beige one! I normally bring 3 reusable water bottles with us: one for me, Erik, and Bay! That way we can all stay hydrated in the summer heat and we don’t get into a situation where we need to buy water somewhere.

Use plastic free period products.

Why is this important? In the United States alone, it’s estimated that 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are trash each year. While many of these products live in landfills, contribute to the staggering amount of plastics in our oceans. I’m a newbie to the silicone period cup and I can’t believe it took me this long to try it?!. It’s non-toxic, saves you money, and saves tons of period products from entering landfills! What’s not to love seriously?! Also, this company gives sustainable period care and education to those in need with each purchase. It’s seriously a win win.

Use a reusable mask.

Single use masks are becoming a big issue- I’ve seen so many on sidewalks, gutters, etc. and they’re already ending up in our oceans. If they do make it to landfills they will take hundreds of years to break down into microplastics. Scientists are even warning that they will be the new plastic water bottle. Since they’re not going anywhere anytime soon, use a reusable one instead! Really feeling this set that I just purchased! They’re made with recycled materials & are machine washable! But if this isn’t your style you can find reusable ones everywhere now!

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