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But as always with fast fashion, when you get a low price, someone or something is paying, somewhere.

– Solene Rauturier

I know how overwhelming and unattainable working towards a conscious closet can be. It can seem too expensive and out of reach but I promise you it’s easier than it sounds and it’s beyond rewarding. Curating a conscious closet means you’re taking the time investing in pieces that fit right, make you feel good, will actually last and will lower your carbon footprint.

Why we should care //

The fast fashion industry is one of the largest consumers of fresh water, they’re ranked 3rd on the list of most polluting industries in the world, & their responsible for unethical working conditions, child labor, and unfair wages.

Here are 7 ways to curate a more conscious closet.

buy secondhand //

either thrifting or apps like Poshmark. If you see an item you love do a quick search in Poshmark! you might be surprised you find it barely worn and ready for another life! If you love someones style on IG, ask for their Poshmark account! This is a great way to find pieces you’ll love!

slow your purchasing habits //

This one might sound odd but it’s one of the most helpful tips I’ve learned over the years. Love something? Great, wait a week, maybe two, and then revisit the item. Do you still love it? Do you see yourself wearing it for multiple years? If the answer is yes then go for it! If not, you’ll be happy you waited. This has saved me from so many impulse purchases over the years.

donate or sell your clothes //

Americans throw away approximately 80 pounds of clothing per person per year. Of those clothes, most will take hundreds of years to decompose. Let your items have a second, third, and even forth life. You can donate to local charities or sell through thrift stores or apps like Poshmark or ThredUP.

rent your outfit //

Rent the Runway or Nuuley are great services that allow you to switch up your items often. I love checking out RTR if I have an event and only plan on wearing the item once! It’s also a cool way to get to wear something you probably wouldn’t have paid for otherwise. If you are considering using RTR make sure you check your date ahead of time. I’ve found dresses I’ve LOVED but were out of stock for my event because I waited too long to look.

buy from conscious brands //

I could go on and on about why you should try to buy from ethical and sustainable driven brands. Conscious brands support ethical working conditions and don’t take advantage of labor, are conscious about their natural resource uses like water, focus on limiting their carbon footprint and waste, and produce quality items that will last longer. My conscious brand guide filled with my favorite conscious brands is coming soon. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when it launches!

take care of your clothes //

If you invest in quality clothes, you’re more likely to treat them with care because you invested in them. Trust me, I’ve learned from personal experience. I treat my clothes with such care now and I used to not think twice about it. Would you believe I have one pair of sunglasses? Literally one pair. I went from buying (and losing) multiple pairs a year to investing in 1 pair of Krewe sunglasses and taking much better care of them (knock on wood I haven’t lost them yet). I eventually want to invest in another pair but for now, I’m very happy with my purchase and will wear these for a years to come. 

change your mindset //

This is arguably the most important but difficult step because it’s a process and doesn’t happen overnight. By shifting your mindset from wanting to spend less money upfront to wanting to invest in one pair of high quality jeans that will triple the life of the cheap jeans you will actually spend less money overtime. Strive for investing in less but higher quality. This will also slow down your purchasing habits because more expensive purchases take more time to think through/save up for. You’ll feel good about the purchase, knowing that you invested not only in a great quality pair of jeans (like these) but also in a more sustainable future. 

The good news //

Giving up style for a conscious closet is a thing of the past. With the focus shifting towards sustainable fashion, us as consumers have tremendous power to push more “on trend” designers towards sustainability, meaning our eco-closets will have more options.

Everyday new sustainable companies and eco initiatives are starting. By making these conscious choices, you’re not only reducing your own carbon footprint but showing the industry you want change, and that’s where it starts & it’s working. 

xx the conscious brunette

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