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my number one beauty secret for glowy skin…
drumroll please….
the Florida humidity. lol kidding (kinda)
no but seriously, here are some actual vegan & clean beauty tips for glowy skin //

drink water + lemon water //

water is one of the best things you can do for your skin health. Serious, drink up. Check out my “Are you eating + drinking your skincare” post for more tips on how to boost your skin health & why lemon water is basically liquid gold.

exfoliate 3 times a week //

but make sure to do it GENTLY – if you apply too much pressure or over exfoliate you can cause acne, dryness, & inflammation. I’m loving this vitamin C probiotic polish. It brightens and exfoliates and it’s vegan, cruelty, clean & comes in sustainable packaging.

detox your skin //

by breaking a sweat with exercise or using an infrared sauna or doing a facial massage with hands or jade roller (I love youtube tutorials for how to do this properly).

double cleanse //

I love pairing this green clean makeup removing cleansing balm  with a this ocean cleaning mudd (SO GOOD). First I use the melting balm on dry skin to melt away dirt and makeup and then I use the cleanser double cleanse at the end of the day. In the morning I just use the cleanser – no need for the melting balm.

use clean bronzing & skincare makeup //

my current combo (pictured), anti-pollution sunshine drops, flawless radiance skincare foundation (gives me a nice dewy look & has Rosehip oil and vitamin C to brighten and plump skin, while kakadu plum tones the skin) & this radiant powder highlighter.

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